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Park Tool Park 1554-1 Calibration Gauge for TS-2 / TS2.2

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The 1554-1 Centering Gauge is used to adjust the centering feature on Park Tool TS-2 and TS-2.2 Professional Wheel Truing Stands.

Checking Centering Adjustment of TS-2/TS-2.2 Truing Stand
  1. Place the 1554-1 into the truing stand as pictured. Close the stand’s uprights until they just touch the axle end caps of the 1554-1.
  2. With the axle end caps fully pushed down into the V notches of the truing stand uprights, close the truing stand calipers to the 1554-1. If the two calipers contact the 1554-1 at relatively the same time, the stand is centered. If one of the calipers contacts the 1554-1 more than 2mm before the other, the truing stand should be adjusted.
  3. Minor centering adjustments can be made by adjusting the caliper arm nuts at the base of the truing stand. If the right caliper contacts the 1554-1 before the left caliper, the caliper arm and calipers need to be moved right. Loosen the left nut 1/4 turn and tighten the right nut 1/4 turn. Repeat until the 1554-1 is centered between the calipers. Reverse the process to move the caliper arm and calipers left.
If the truing stand is significantly out of adjustment or if it has loose, worn or damaged parts, additional adjustments and parts replacement will be required. Detailed adjustment procedures can be found at
TS-2 and TS-2.2 Truing Stands are capable of relatively close wheel truing. However, it is common for wheels to have anomalies that affect centering, such as bent axles, locknut imperfections, out of round axles, eccentric bearing surfaces, etc. For precise centering of a wheel, a wheel dishing tool (such as the Park Tool WAG-4 or WAG-5) is recommended.
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