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Shimano Shifter STI Ultegra ST-6870 2x11 Set


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Ultegra Di2 STI-Shifter are the center of control at the new Shimano Ultegra Di2 6870 groupset.

The DNA for both the mechanical and electronic version of the group is the same. They share the same 4-arm cranks, 11-speed cassettes, dual pivot brakes, Sil-tec chain and 11-speed wheels. What makes them different is the shifting interface (shift lever and derailleurs). Where Ultegra 6800 uses the well known mechanical parts and cables, Ultegra 6870 (Di2) uses an electronic shifting system.

Compared to the previous Ultegra Di2 (6770) SHIMANO improved the ergonomics of the dual control lever for easier access. Especially on top of the – slimmer – hoods riders have more control than ever. Also the shape of the shift button improved and the contrast of the surface is more recognizable. New to the Ultegra category are the so called time trial shifters (ST-6871). They offer the same braking control as the Dura-Ace ST-9071 and allows a rider to shift gears while braking.

  • Programmable multi-shift function 
  • Extremely fast and precise shifting 
  • Clean cabling thanks to E-Tube Connection 
  • Low maintenance with long-lasting performance 
  • Cable connection: EW-SD50

  • Use: Road
  • Series: ULTEGRA Di2 
  • Model: ST-6870 
  • Typ: Dual-Control 
  • Handlebar mounting: left/right
  • Front Shifting: 2-speed 
  • Rear Shifting: 11-speed
  • Optical Gear Display : no
  • Brake: SLR-EV
  • E-Tube Connector: 2
  • E-Tube Port: 0
  • Port Remore-Switch: 2
  • Weight: 295g (pair)
Brake wire, brake cable and electric wire EW-SD50 not included!

E-Tube The Ultegra 6870 products are build based on the E-tube platform and can be adjusted with the dedicated E-tube (project) software. E-tube is SHIMANO’s electronic shifting program where shifting functions can be customized. For example all the shift buttons can be individually programmed. Besides customization E-tube offers the possibility to upgrade components with firmware upgrades after its purchase. Because of the E-tube compatibility other shifting functions are available to Ultegra 6870 like Dura-Ace sprint and Roubaix shifters. In contrast to mechanical shifting, E-tube allows a rider to install multiple shifting options on a single bike.


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 Shimano   Shifter STI Ultegra ST-6870 2x11 Set

Shimano Shifter STI Ultegra ST-6870 2x11 Set

Trasmissione a 11 velocità di casa Shimano