Ergon misura tacchette TP1 per Shimano SPD SL Visualizza ingrandito

Ergon misura tacchette TP1 per Shimano SPD SL


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Optimal Ergonomics from correct cleat installation. Cleats in the correct position mean that the feet are correctly positioned on the pedal. This improves your performance, your comfort and your long term enjoyment. The advantages of the correct installation of your cleats is something you will notice immediately.
The Ergon TP1 is a tool which enables the precise installation of cleats onto your shoes. The position of your feet, relative to each other has been made incredibly simple with the Ergon TP1. Fine adjustment is also easy thanks to the grid markings on the tool itself. The Ergon TP1 makes cleat installation fast and accurate for everyone.

Included with the TP1 is a Handbook. This is an important component of the tool. It explains the ergonomic principles and biomechanic thinking behind the use of the TP1. Additional ?Expert Tips? are included at every stage, which focus on an ergonomically correct pedalling technique and the performance gains which it brings about. The Ergon Pedal Cleat Tool has been developed with a number of common clipless pedal systems in mind, and each system has a specific tool.

Using the combined experience of experts in ergonomics, designers and sports scientists the Ergon TP1 is a system which meets the demands of all cyclists



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Ergon misura tacchette TP1 per Shimano SPD SL

Ergon misura tacchette TP1 per Shimano SPD SL

Accessori per pedali Ergon