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Set Freni a Disco Magura MT8
Set Freni a Disco Magura MT8
Set Freni a Disco Magura MT8
Set Freni a Disco Magura MT8
Set Freni a Disco Magura MT8
Set Freni a Disco Magura MT8

Set Freni a Disco Magura MT8 Carbotecture SL

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Nuovi freni Magura MT8

leve compleamente in carbonio

Peso ,anteriore o posteriore solo 299 gr incluso disco storm SL

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The lightweight performance specialist: The Magura MT8 Carbotecture SL® Disc Brake 

With its full-carbon brake lever, the performance-oriented MT8 offers uncompromising braking power and maximum stability. Does every extra ounce mean a lot to you? Then the MT8 should be on your bike! The ergonomic, full-carbon, two-finger brake lever - streamlined with Carbolay to be as light as possible - is easily held and the Carbolay handlebar clamp gives you a feeling of direct and accurate action combined with sovereign braking power. Simply adjust the lever to match your personal reach. Characterised by their outrageously low weight, the highly-visible carbon construction and the forged brake calliper are eye-catching enhancements on any bike. 

2017 New : Cover in carbonio e particolairi rosso neon , nuovo design della leva


  • New in 2017: With neon red cover and CARBON label!
  • Full-carbon brake lever
  • Optimal heat resistance
  • Ergonomic, 2-finger, Carbolay brake lever
  • Forged, 2-piston, aluminium brake calliper
  • magnetiXchange brake pistons for easy brake pad replacement
  • Compatible with all MAGURA Storm, Storm HC and Storm SL discs

Product Features

  • Use: MTB Cross Country
  • Technical features: Full hydraulic dual piston floating caliper
  • Pad wear adjustment: Automatic
  • Brake pads: Organic 7.4 Performance (replaces 7.1), 7.2 Endurance
  • Hose fitting caliper: RHR - Rotateable hose routing
  • Brake hose: MAGURA disc tube easily shortened
  • Transmission medium: MAGURA Royal Blood mineral oil
  • Hydraulic system: Open, with expansion chamber
  • Intern. standard mounting (IS): Yes, adaptor
  • Centerlock compatible: Yes, with adaptor
  • EBT (Easy Bleed Technology): Yes
  • Feel-Safety-Ergonomic: Yes
  • Dual Docking for trigger shifters: Yes
  • Reach adjust: Yes (with tool)
  • BAT (bite point adjuster): No
  • magnetiXchange: Yes
  • OPD (caliper in one-piece design): Yes
  • Postmount mounting (PM): Yes, direct mount
  • 2-Piece Lever Clamp: Yes
  • First full carbon master ever: Yes
  • Material fitting bolts: Aluminium
  • Brake lever and caliper: Carbotecture SL (Master), Aluminium forged (caliper)
  • Lever blade: Carbolay
  • Hose lengths: 2200mm (shortable)
  • Rotor recommendation: Storm SL 203/180/160/140


  • Black-neonred (Master)
  • Carbon (Lever)
  • Mystic Grey Anodized (Caliper)


  • ~598g (pair)

Scope of delivery

  • 1 MT8 Carbotecture SL® Disc Brake Set
  • 12 Fitting bolts for rotor Torx T25
  • 4 Fastening screws
  • 2 Insertpins
  • 2 Olives
  • 2 Transport safetys
  • Disc brake are ready for installation, completely assembled and bleeded!
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