Freni da Corsa Shimano Di2 Dual Control Shifter Set ST-R785 2x11 Visualizza ingrandito

Freni da Corsa Shimano Di2 Dual Control Shifter Set ST-R785 2x11


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Shimano dual control lever road Di2 ST-R785 for hydraulic disc brake. Reliable, consistent, well-metered and controllable braking performance even with light carbon rims.

SHIMANO is well known for their high quality hydraulic disc brakes in mountain biking. After intensive testing SHIMANO launched today a future direction in road braking: hydraulic disc brakes for on road usage with electronic Di2 shifting. The BR-R785 hydraulic disc brakes maintain high consistent braking performance regardless the weather conditions through innovative heat management and brake power that can be tuned to riding conditions, terrain, riders’ size and abilities. The hydraulic disc brake kit contains completely redesigned dual control levers, road hydraulic disc brakes on Ultegra level, a new 140mm disc rotor and dedicated hubs and wheels.

SHIMANO’s hydraulic disc brakes have three advantages:

  • Maintain braking performance on long descents through effective heat management
  • Have consistent braking performance in all weather conditions
  • Customizable braking performance for different riding conditions, terrain, riders’ size and ability

Despite the integration of a mineral oil reservoir in the lever SHIMANO’s engineers were able to develop a compact Di2 dual control lever (ST-R785) to create a comfortable and natural hand position for all day riding comfort. When descending with rim brakes riders use much power and energy to stop for a turn or even a hairpin. Hydraulic disc brakes have more stopping power and allow riders to brake more efficiently with less energy.

Suitable Rotor with Ice-Tech Technology
There are two FREEZA SM-RT99 rotor size options for customizable braking performance. 140mm as a standard and 160mm as an option for people who require more brake power. SHIMANO incorporated aluminum fins in the rotor for enhanced heat control. With an increased surface area for heat dispersion, the rotor achieves an additional 50 degrees reduction in heat. The effect of SHIMANO’s heat management is that the hydraulic disc brakes have no weight restrictions (in normal road usage).

  • Use: Road/Cyclocross
  • Series: Non-Series 
  • Model: ST-R785 
  • Typ: Dual-Contro
  • Gearring front: 2-speedl
  • Gearing rear: 11-speed
  • Gear Display: no
  • E-Tube Port: 2
  • Handlebar diameter: 23.8mm/24.2mm
  • Weight: 512g (pair)
  • Brake caliper, brake hose (SM-BH59), mineral oil, rotor not included!

Scope of delivery

  • 2 x Dual Control Lever ST-R785 (left/right), 2 x Disc Brake Caliper BR-R785, 2 x Disc Brake Pads F01A Resin, 2 x Brake Hose SM-BH59 1000mm / 1700mm, 2 x  Mineraloil SM-DB-Oil 50ml, TL-EW02 Connector Tool and Tube Joint mounting material
Set is not assembled and bleeded!


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Freni da Corsa Shimano Di2 Dual Control Shifter Set ST-R785 2x11

Freni da Corsa Shimano Di2 Dual Control Shifter Set ST-R785 2x11

Impianto Frenante da Corsa Shimano