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Scarpe Road Gaerne G. Record 46 bianco/nero


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Scarpe Road Gaerne

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The G. Record made by Gaerne is a technically first-class road bike shoe. The sophisticated Gaerne technologies provide these cycling shoes with excellent properties in terms of fit and comfort. Thanks to the new extremely thin EPS Light Evolution sole, that has nonetheless an excellent rigidity, an optimal power transmission will be psossible. The 3 Velcro fasteners ensure a good fit inside the boot. The Gaerne insole Transprant and the Air Ventilation System offer a comfortable climate in these cycling shoes.

Overview Gaerne technologies

EPS Light Evolution

The new EPS Light Evolution sole is made of nylon and very thin. The extremely thin thickness reduces the distance between the pedal and foot and makes it possible to drive a circular, effective pedaling. Non-slip rubber inserts on front and back provide more stability.

Hell cup

An anatomically shaped heel cap made of deformable plastic garanties better grip, is non-slip and stabilizes the tendons - for maximum power transfer. To be more visible even in poor lighting conditions, reflecting materials are used. Air intakes improve the temperature compensation.


The materials used are characterized by an excellent breathability and provide a perfect in cycling shoes.

Comfort Fit Tongue

The tongue is perforated to improve the air exchange. It is padded with a soft relining to ensures maximum comfort in the cycling shoes.

Gaerne insole Transpirant

Thus the sole contributes to ventilation, it is coated with a microporous coating in order to carry away the moisture. For optimal comfort the sole is anatomically shaped. They can be replaced.


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Scarpe Road Gaerne G. Record 46 bianco/nero

Scarpe Road Gaerne G. Record 46 bianco/nero

Scarpe Road Gaerne