Borraccia Tacx T5704 Shiva 500 ml black Visualizza ingrandito

Borraccia Tacx T5704 Shiva 500 ml black


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The bottle of the pros.

The Shiva is a sturdy water bottle. The screw-on cap features a lockable spout; the striking triangular form of the cap guarantees a secure grip. The bottle is easy to fill and clean.
  • Striking screw-on cap with pull spout
  • Sturdy, powerful look
  • Bio-Bottle (only Cycling bottles)
  • 500 ml

Nature-friendly bottle
Biodegradable plastics are a modern necessity now that our environment is under growing pressure. Tacx has taken up the challenge to develop a biologically degradable, nature-friendly water bottle.
The Bio-Bottle has the same characteristics as the other Tacx bottles, but it distinguishes itself due to the plastic of the bottle being biodegradable. Adding a small amount of the Bio-batch material alters the molecular structure, which makes the material decompose into Biogas and Biomass. These nourish the soil and are entirely absorbed by nature.


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Borraccia Tacx T5704 Shiva 500 ml black

Borraccia Tacx T5704 Shiva 500 ml black

Borraccia Tacx