Portapacchi Tubus AIRY 26" - 28" titan

Portapacchi Tubus AIRY 26" - 28" titan

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With the AIRY tubus introduces the first carrier made of titanium. With a maximum load of 30 kilos and a tara weight of 230 grams, the AIRY breaks every record. Titanium is a very difficult material to work with.

It can only be cut and processed with special tools and machinery. The material titanium is extremely corrosion resistant and strong, which makes the AIRY carrier nearly indestructible. Due to its limited length, the AIRY works best with front panniers!

Material: Titanium * Weight: 230 g (without mounting set)* Max. Load: 30 kg * Wheelsize: 28"/26"

Please note:

* The Airy comes with two roundstays for seatstay mounting, but it can also be mounted with one of these, as a centrally roundstay.

* The Airy is not compatible with the Ortlieb-Pannier-Model: "Backroller"! The "Frontroller" fits yet.

* Don´t fix bagholders on your Airy/Carry, which have to be clamped onto the rack (like an Ortlieb bag-adapter for example) ! You would risk dents or to predetermine a braking point.

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