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Cycle individually, or be towned is the FollowMe motto. You have the possibility of both safely towing your child through road traffic, or letting it cycle individually away from dangerous traffic. 1
If your child is tired, simply couple up its cycle. In this way, when necessary you can travel quickly and your child will become accustomed to cycling and road traffic.
  • Installation: You pre-prepare both the parent‘s and child‘s cycles once only, by installing the hubs and supports. For the adult‘s cycle, this comprises quick release skewers or spindle adapters, and for the child‘s cycle a clamp on the down tube. The clamp fi ts all types of tube. Afterwards, with the FollowMe coupling you can fi rmly connect the child‘s cycle to the adult‘s cycle in no time and without tools. Neither a child‘s trailer coupling nor a cycle stand obstructs FollowMe.
  • Stow away FollowMe: After use and when a child is not being towed, fold up FollowMe and attach it to the carrier or saddle with the carabiner fastener. For cycling without children, the complete FollowMe coupling can be removed from the parent‘s cycle in no time.
  • The advantages of FollowMe: Cycling together With FollowMe, you can transport a second child‘s seat or your shopping on a carrier. Quickly coupled You can couple your child‘s cycle in no time and without tools or additional parts in a few short moves.
  • Safe and Stable: The two-point support at hub level ensures safety, ride comfort, and stability because there is no leverage as with conventional supports attached to the saddle tube.
  • Space saving: FollowMe can be quickly and compactly stowed away in a car, in a cycle room, or on a train.
  • FollowMe grows: Your child and its cycle will get bigger – this is no problem for FollowMe.
  • Technical details:
    • Children‘s cycles: Adjustable for all the usual sizes from 12“ – 20“ (Age 3–9).
    • Parent‘s cycle: For all 26“ and 28“ city, mountain (incl. fullies), racing and touring cycles etc. with quick-release skewer wheel attachment. Suitable adapters are available for wheels with a solid spindle or hub gears.
  • Material: Steel, powder coated / chromium plated
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Max. towing weight: 45 kg (incl. the child‘s cycle)
  • Additional load: a child‘s seat, carrier and side pannier bags are possible without limit.


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FollowMe Tandem

FollowMe Tandem