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Luce a Dinamo Anteriore Busch & Müller Lumotec IQ Cyo Premium RT senso plus

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Accessorio originale di casa Busch & Muller

See better and be seen - around the clock.

Driving with daytime running light - we make it possible for bicycles, which previously could only motorized vehicles. The T versions of LUMOTEC IQ Cyo have the perfect 24-hour security facilities.

  • 60 Lux with large area light field
  • with near-field illumination
  • LIGHT24: 4 signal LEDs
  • electronic standlight function
  • automatic switching
  • integrated front reflector
  • Model for hub dynamo

Under the headlight, which brings the brilliant light of the homogeneous IQ-TEC on the road, striking LED light points, arranged in one or more rows. You are solely to signal other road users. This feature allows a properly adjusted bicycle headlights alone do not assume because its light beam - up limited by the sharp cut-off limit - maximum is bundled directed onto the roadway. The variant of the headlight with integrated reflector also has extra safety features close-range illumination.

The requirements are always met - even in day mode, because the headlight is then dimmed to the minimum requirement of traffic regulations.

Two of the signal LEDs navigation use take over the parking light function. Better than previous Standlichtl & ouml; solutions that are not aligned as signaling, but down the road.

Scope of delivery
  • Headlight
  • Stainless Steel Lamp Holder
  • Flat Stainless Steel Special Screw with Matching Key
  • Double Cable
  • Mounting Instruction

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