Occhiali Swiss Eye Outbreak black /...

Occhiali Swiss Eye Outbreak black / smoke

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The Powerview - System Finally! - Frameless Glazing - Simple, Functional and Inexpensive! Forget Complicated Clicking or Gluing of Loose Plastic Frameworks. Barely Visible Glazing.

  • Material frame: polycarbonate
  • Material lenses: Bayer, Germany polycarbonate
  • UV-protection: UV-400
  • Coating: antifog / antiscratch
  • Windtight up to 70 km/h

Minimal Interspaces Between the Powerview Lens.
Suitable for Most Optical Lenses and Types of Glasses.
Great for Extreme Sports.
Optimal Wearing Comfort Due to Minimal Increase in Weight.
Easy Changing of the Powerview Lens Allows use of Other Frame Colours.
Incredible Price Compared to Other Glazing Systems.
SwissEye Technology Antifog / Antiscratch Prevents the Glasses from Steaming up and Scratches (on Mirrored, Photochromic and Polarised Lenses, the Coating is Only on the Inside).
Clip Adaptor for Opthalmic Glasses - Ideally Suited to Those who Require Corrective Lenses.
Interchangable Lenses Enables you to Change the Lenses.
Lens Quality - Maximum Safety due to Shatterproof Polycarbonate Lenses.

These Swiss Eye glasses have shatterproof polycarbonate- lenses with the Swiss Eye CARBO-ONE lens quality and are manufactured according to strict safety CE norm DIN-EN 1836 and ASNI Z87.

The lenses afford 100% UVA, UVB, UVC absorption with UV-400 protection and fulfil optical class.

By means of a special antifog/antiscratch coating the lenses are protected against steaming up or scratches.

A high-quality microfibre bag which is also recommended for cleaning the glasses is also included with the glasses.

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