Lezyne Smart Kit transparent Espandi

Lezyne Smart Kit transparent




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The Lezyne Smart Kit has a low profile polypropylene case makes this patch kit ideal for race situations.

The glueless patches conform to inflated tubes with an aggressive adhesive making them a permanent repair. The patch kit instructions have an adhesive backing to serve as emergency tire boot. The kit includes a stainless steel scuffer.

  • KIT: 1 scuffer, 6 glueless patches, 1 tire boot
  • WEIGHT: 20g
  • COLOR: transparent

  • Scuffer - Durable, reusable, stainless steel tube scuffer is weather resistant.
  • Glueless - Glueless patches are coated with an aggressive adhesive, for a permanent repair. A specially developed synthetic rubber-patch compound conforms to inflated tubes.


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Lezyne Smart Kit transparent

Lezyne Smart Kit transparent